“Michelle is hands down the best hip hop teacher I’ve ever had.  I went in with zero dance training and zero confidence, but she explained the moves so clearly, made it easy and so fun to dance, and by the end of my first class, I was hooked and wanted to dance more.  It’s rare to find such an excellent instructor who knows how to explain things well, especially for beginners.  Dancing with Michelle has turned my fear of dancing into a passion for it!” – past female student

“Thank you Michelle for being the best choreographer any couple or group of friends could ask for! You have so much talent. Your fun/awesome personality is just simply the best.” – Wedding couple

“Michelle is well-prepared, skilled, and very pleasant. I appreciate her ability to break down and simplify choreography in a way that is palatable for non-dancers.” – past female student

“This instructor is very fun and enthusiastic and makes this class very enjoyable. I will for sure take another class with her. She has a great spirit!” – past female student

“I always look forward to class. Mondays are no longer a chore.” – past female student

“Michelle knows her stuff and she is a great instructor.” – past male student

“I love this instructor. Definitely my type of hip-hop!” – past female student

“I think Michelle is great! This is my second class with her. I like how patient she is and how she drills in the moves until we get it. She is lively, fun, enthusiastic, and personable. I think she is the best. Thank you Michelle!” – past female student

“I love my instructor!” – past male student

“Michelle is really dedicated and enthusiastic about teaching hip hop.” – past female student